Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Don Campbell go missing

Well it pretty exciting today in Cowley Printworks. This afternoon I chatting with Signor Davey by windows in Boardroom when we see two masked men load a tarten carpet into van by door and drive off at high speed.

Hour or so later Singors Cable and Hughes call meeting of Family Capos and looking very grave announce to us Don Campbell decide to spend more time with Signora Campbell writing his Olympic memoirs. Signor Cable now acting Don until new Padrino emerge from Family ruthless elevation procedure.

Signor Cable say "The Don decided that rather than let speculation drag on for months he would take the honourable path of rolling up his duties and letting a younger man take the Family on to greater things. He doesn't want any phonecalls, and would prefer to left alone for a good long time to give you all space."

Old Don Kennedy add "How awful, I am sad, this is a truely miserable day for Liberali Family. My door is open should people wish to come and console themselves with me." He then get up and do little tap dance of woe out of room.

Signors Clegg and Huhne eye each other suspicously. Signor Webb is winking at Signor Hughes, and Signor Opik is winking at Signoras Kramer and Goldsworthy, but it making them uncomfortable.

"Who you backing Liberali" hiss Signor Oaten to me

"I backing whoever ask me to back them... Safest way to stay alive... Hooray for Don Cable", I shout.

We all cheer and file out to start plotting. It dark outside and I notice no Signora Campbell there to offer me friendly cigarette.

Seem ever so little bit colder than just few weeks ago.

I pull overcoat about me and dream of warm future.

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