Monday, 5 November 2007

What about the young criminals?

Don Brown sure getting desperate to stop rise of other Families against his ailing and failing Labouristi. Latest stunt Capo Balls announce that he going to put the frighteners on any young people who no stay in school until they 18.

This bad news for us. The sooner we start cugine on road of honour, more likely it is that they become made in the Family.

Last thing we need is bored listless youths come to us late, brainwashed with qualifications in town planning and web-design, when they could have been smuggling tobacco for two years. Who we going to sell knock-off fags to if young people all in school, not working down docks or skimming welfare?

So much for joined-up thinking. Labouristi sure not paying attention when they in school I think. Only Liberali family care about plight of young criminals.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Labouristi 'just a bunch of crooks'

Signor Huhne sure not pulling his punches in highlighting how life be different if he become Don of Family.

Today he announce to world:

"I'm sick of the hypocrisy in the mafia. It is completely evident that the Labouristi are a bunch of corrupt criminals who have been selling Family membership. If I am wrong let them sue me."

Great-grandad Liberali joined Family in 1920s when Don Welshie sold him a place in the Old Capo's Home. But times change, Families all agree this not good business, and I earn my place in old fashioned way.

Signor Huhne is right, last thing we need is bunch of Labouristi criminals bringing men of honour into disrepute.