Thursday, 10 February 2011

Small misunderstandings

Since little misunderstanding during contest for Don of all Liberali, I been best of friends with Signor "Dr. Evil" Oakeshott. Regularly he come down Little Sicily to scream and shout at me about Vatican bankers.

It most entertaining. Dr. Evil been trying to put squeeze on the VBs for over 30 years. But they tricky marks. Soon as you think you got them, they sneak off to Switzerland or invent new ways of hiding their stash.

I most sad then he decide to go for long entirely voluntary holiday to spend more time with property portfolio. It seem he have minor, entirely understandable disagreement with Signor Alexander, where he jovially compare him to 'type of rent boy who give it up easy for bankers' with all financial understanding of an Neapolitan, using hand gestures. Seem Signor Alexander took offence at Dr. Evil's 'characteristically robust style'.

Also have little local difficulty. Lots of Capos moaning about need to cut rackets after Conservatori "Hindenburg" Pickles slash kick-backs. It all too far, too fast they say. Which odd I never see our Capos moving fast unless toward buffet cart at annual birthday party for Don Clegg.

But their point is that if we have to shift grifters and girls of ill-repute from Family books we only spend more in long term removing them from our turf when inevitably go into business for selves. Slow down they say. Give girls time to put on bit of make-up, go down gym, get punters back in. Let grifters learn some new tricks, set up online poker site, rather than chase the lady on street corners.

Hindenburg though just laugh and say they had years to do all this, show me money, no place for dead wood in new Family Coalition. Signor Stunell helpfully interject if there were we probably find way of selling it.

Hindenburg give him hard stare. Probably right. Besides where we going to bury Capos if they no stop moaning, and who going to bury them if we shrink the help.