Friday, 31 December 2010

Bon'annu novu

So that was 2010. Not best year. In coma. Woke up end of year. Still not see Don Clegg. Understand though he most concerned about whether have brain damage. Although no understand why Get Well card ask whether it get worse.

Spending New Year with Family Consigliere Signor Rennard, who lose a lot of weight, call himself Signor Fox, and has developed ability to use computer. No end to talent it seem.

He say he keeping eye on me until better. Is helping recovery with important folding therapy using large pile of threat letters for OldSaddlebag turf war. His kindness undimmed by extreme diet.

Bon'annu novu Liberali

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Capo Hughes Access Enforcer

Well I very pleased for my old friend Capo Hughes. It look like he accept new job making cugine protection racket easier to understand for ragazzi used to beatings.

It real problem for Family. Try to make things simple, some just do not get it.

Time wiseguys spend holding heads under water, smashing up possessions, and otherwise inflicting instruction, could spend collecting from ragazzi with lower pain threshold.

"It great deal" we say "pay the dues and our protection stays with you for life".

"No money now... no problemo... we give you little loan... you pay us back when ready"

"No money later... you no pay"

"Worry about debt... forgetta-about-it... after 30 years you free from all favours"

"Worry about interest... badda-bing... only blingy kids pay the full Family rate"

"Still don't get it... Capo Hughes have a little protection fund for special cases"

As the Capo say "is perception rather than the reality" that issue with protection rackets.

And who not trust this face?

I sure we soon see big uptake of great new deal.

Congratulazioni Signor Hughes!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Village notice

It very kind of village bulletin board to post Christmas message whilst recovering from extraction of last bullet. Something I put behind me, as did cowardly gunman.