Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Signor Paddick win over taxi thugs

I increasingly impressed with Signor Paddick's plans to assassinate and replace the Magisterium. Turn out today he win over support of Licensed Taxi Drivers mob, one of London's most vicious and privileged cartels.

The LTD first established their control over London's drive and hire racket when their predecessor the Coachmob received licence to beat up their rivals in the hired sedan chair trade in 1639. They doing the same today with their assault on the rickshaw trade, and unlicensed private-hire cars who LTD claim are all rapists or foreigners or both.

They just about tolerate the licenced private-hire car gangs (just foreign, probably not rapists), but ensure that they not allowed to pick up people from street since due to being bit foreign they don't have 'The Knowledge', an obscure qualification that mean you know slightly less about London streets than average TomTom.

Brian wisely assess that several thousand angry men who don't like foreigners, memorise AtoZ for fun, and have roomy boots, more important to his mission than bunch of students on unfashionable third-world bicycles - you ever seen rickshaw involved in drive-by hit?

Signor Livingstone going to be very nervous man crossing road.

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