Thursday, 3 January 2008

Poverty is blight on Family

We discussing poverty with the Don today.

"Poverty, gentleman..." there is irritable cough at back of room "sorry, ladies, gentleman and the transgendered, thank-you for reminding me Signor Heath... is a blight on the Family business."

Signor Clegg paces around room as he speak

"The poor, gent... assembled paesano, are denied opportunities available to the rest of us, through no great fault or circumstance other than the accident of their birth. Consequently I am procuring the services of Signor Narey of the League against Orphans, Waifs & Strays to begin a study for the Family into how we can address this great injustice."

"Wouldn't the poor be less poor if we stopped stealing from them?" ask Signor Laws

"A fine question David, and as I'm sure you appreciate it pains me deeply to see a family laid low by the pittance we charge them for essential protection work. This evidently must stop."

"Instead we must work on improving their lot so they can afford to pay our reasonable rates of protection. This is the only sustainable solution to poverty for the Family."

"Happily Signor Narey's organisation has been thriving on making a business from the destitute for many decades. He has much to teach us."

This all sound good to me. The boys... ladies, and people confused about what wobbly bits they like, in Little Sicily, pretty of sick slogging around slums to collect small payments from mothers with adorable wide-eyed toddlers expertly trained in special pleading.

Much easier to collect from workplace or union dues. For that we need people in meaningful jobs. Hope I get to work with Signor Narey on his study.

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