Friday, 14 January 2011

OldSaddlebag result

I most sad for my colleague Signor Nutkins in OldSaddlebag who has been beaten up by girl with funny teeth.

This no reflection on him and in many respects great result for Liberali considering he all exhausted by long process of proving previous Labouristi Capo have no honour.

Plus our so-called new Conservatori friends who say they lend us muscle do little more than flounce around saying "We so local, we help you long time".

So sorry then to see Signor Ali forced to return to hanging round local cinema fencing tickets.

When out of hospital I hope we see more of Signor Nutkins in future. It Family tradition for beaten soldiers to ignore wounds and return for rematch every 4-5 years. Although seriously Signor Rendel, maybe time to get message now.

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