Tuesday, 4 January 2011

VAT the problem?

I not sure I glad to be out of coma. Paesano in Little Sicily sure get whiny in absence.

Only today out in market wetting beak on fruit and tupperware stands when stall holders all gather round.

"Why Don Clegg put up our protection Signor Liberali?" they wring hands at me

"It so hard", "We struggle", "Customers no understand why price go up", "You try to take crusts from mouths of bambinos", "Signor Miliband his protection cost less"... and on, and on...

"It 2.5%" I say "That not much." Pause to think really hard.

"Can't tell you exactly how small it is, but it sound like next to nothing".

They give me hard stares.

"Besides Signor Miliband put the squeeze on wages instead and it his fault we need to repair the protection fund". I can tell I really convincing them.

At this point Signor Green of Sicilian Home Stores on Palermo High Street who I no like wander over.

"Didn't you say only a few months ago whatever happens you weren't going to put up protection on the market?"

"I pretty sure I was in coma"

"Yes but looks here's a photograph of Don Clegg in Little Sicily standing next to an enormous poster that says 'Conservatori will put your market protection up or blow you up with big bomb'"

I give him hard stare.

"I sure there good explanation for that. You saying Don Clegg not a man of honour?"

He look pensive.

"Thought no. Anyhow not you like pay same protection as rest of my paesano"

"Well I'm sure I must be running along, people to see, pants to sells, cugine to eject from Top Shop..."

"Tickets to Monaco?"

He sure move fast for well padded guy.

"We still not happy" say stall holders

"Should tell Don Cameron" I say


"He interested in measuring misery. You want, I can set up meeting so he make you happy? He got whole ranges of 'nudges' he want to try on willing test group."

Suddenly seem people keen to get back to stalls.

"Gotta go...", "Sure we cope...", "there no alternative...", "we all in together..."

Sure is great way deal with Conservatori make people want to work harder.

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