Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Conservatori see light

After Signor Rennard suggest to me that hanging round Little Ealing franchise not making best use of my talents, he put me on induction-duty with new recruit, recent defector from local Conservatori faction. We sent out with cugines to learn streets and ensure Signor Gupta not run into old best-friends.

He brave man, but last night found deadly warning on doorstep, a small oak bonsai with all acorns nibbled off by squirrels. The sign of the Tebbit.

So I chatting to Signor Gupta about past and ask him why he join us.

"I been Conservatori for some time but always admired Liberali family. These new changes in Conservatori Family are not to my liking. Don Cameron he sail into town last week with that bangra-boy Tony and he show us no respect."

"He say 'good news paisan, Tony here is your new Capo and we're going to make a Bollywood movie! We are a modern compassionate Conservatori Family and the public must see we are their friends through the medium of dance!. To cut a long and painful story short, next thing we know we are all learning lines for musical number in Uxbridge Street market and... and..."

Tears begin to well up in old man's face

"he made me wear T-shirt saying 'I hate grammar schools' in front and rotate in circles so camera see back saying 'but not yours'."

I let old man weep on shoulder, he clearly suffer much, the new ways of Conservatori are dark and troubling.

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