Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The growing storm

The turf war in Little Ealing hot up plenty in last days. It seem some Labouristi not take too kindly to Signor Sharma new appointment as acting Capo, and breakaway to form alliance with Don Cameron.

"We are music-loving men of honour" they say in statement left nailed to the corpse of rat with red rose stuffed up bum. "We admire Don Cameron's attempts to bring sunshine, laughter and Sunday afternoon Variety-Acts to Little Ealing."

"We no like Signor Sharma and his demands for chanting praise to Kali whenever he enter room. It bit freaky frankly. And we all make better Capo than him. We also not happy that Don Brown send Signor Watson from Brummie Town down to Little Ealing. He welcome us by making big speech about respecting diversity in the Family and then offer us all tickets to see 'Behzti' at local Brummie Town street theatre. Never have we been so insulted"

Meanwhile 'Killer' Bakhai, the boys, and me continue to make inroads against old Labouristi territories and scams. Conservatori so worried that they send Signor "Warhammer" Shapps to infiltrate our operation.

Signor Shapps is cunning master of disguise, only maybe information about Liberali Family a little out of date. He spotted when he turn up to printing franchise wearing "Penny on Protection Rackets for da bambinos" t-shirt, sandals, and dodgy ginger beard.

Don Campbell laugh so hard that he minded to spare Signor Shapps and instead send him back to Don Cameron minus t-shirt, sandals... and pretty much anything else on his person. We let him keep beard though, a man is entitled to some dignity.

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Keep it up Liberali