Sunday, 15 July 2007

Bollywood Tony, the Blair Years

Well, we is all pretty shocked, seem Hollywood Tony, Don Cameron's choice of Conservatori Capo in Little Ealing, is best friends with former Labouristi Don Blair. Labouristi hit squad leave brown envelop full of incriminating photos with local paparazzi, showing the two laughing and smiling together, only week before joining Signor Cameron's Bollywood project.

Signor Lit issue statement:

"It is true that in the recent past Signor Blair and I attended rehearsals for small amateur dramatics performance of West Side Story. We have shared love of theatre and while Signor Blair hogged limelight in lead role of Anton, it was my talented and sensitive portrayal of Bernardo that first caught Don Cameron's eye, making me ideal man to direct his new Conservatori approach in Little Ealing.

Most significant contact I had with Don Blair during that time was when he stab me at end of Act 1 twice on week-nights, three times at weekend. Play teach me valuable lesson in perils of gang violence and need for old Conservatori men of honour to move on from our violent past.

O.k... so I may have pay him a few times for extra acting lessons, but apart from that, it was purely two professional men of honour sharing their love of thespian excellence. I now of course wish to remove the stain of the Labouristi from Little Ealing forever in a communal non-violent way involving puppets and mime."

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