Saturday, 30 June 2007

Dealing with traitors, the iron fist of Don Campbell

Don Campbell, Consigliore Kirkwood, Capo Davey and I sit in conference. Capo Davey is speaking.

"So let me get this straight, last week we were worried that some of our 'retired' button-men in the old hoods home were talking to Don Brown, and we made it clear to them that any step in that direction would result in the severest of penalties?"

Signor Kirkwood begin to stare up at the ceiling.

"Now, despite that warning we find two of the old lags, Neuberger and Lester are signed up to his 'panel of consigliores', and "whacker" Williams is thinking about it."

"So I ask you Don Campbell, what is the order? Can I summon Signor Laws perhaps to cash in their health insurance policies, Signor Rennard maybe to use them in his next targeting exercise? What is your wish Padrino?"

Signor Kirkwood has found something real interesting in window that captivate his attention.

"Capo Davey", say Don Campbell, "You are good solider. But I am your general. There is a time for war and a time for consolidation. At this moment we are weak. The Labouristi have a new Don and new regime. We need eyes and ears in that organisation and the Don has opened a door."

"Neuberger, Lester & Williams, paisan with whom I have spent many a dark night walking the territories, are no fools, but their cover must be convincing. Consequently I have ordered this night that Capo Teather be dispatched to 'educate' them. It will be a warning and Don Brown will feel that his plan is working."

Capo Davey look unconvinced, but mention of Capo Teather and 'education' seem to unsettle him.

"Your concern is welcome" say Signor Kirkwood, "The Don would have expected nothing less of you. But you will leave the insiders unmolested. Take Signor Liberali and work off your concern in Little Ealing. I understand the Conservatori have appointed a Bollywood playboy to control their operation and those shiney linen suits crease so easily."

"Thank-you both, don't let the Don detain you any further."

It is raining in Little Ealing, I miss Little Sicily.

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