Saturday, 23 June 2007

We no deal

So Don Campbell he say to me, "Don Brown of the Labouristi, he wants to set up a meeting. Important things to discuss. Make it happen."

I think Don Brown, he is reasonable man, he knows good business, maybe he want to talk about making the peace on the constitution for the Families. We send Consigliore Kirkwood as hostage, they send Capo Balls. No problem.

So the Don he have his meeting and he come out looking pale. I say "Don Campbell how was business?". He say "Don Brown he wants old Don Ashdown to be his new advisor in Irishtown".

I laugh, I say "He crazy, we no fall for that old trick!"

He give me withering look like old Scottish pickpocket who do business in wrong territory. "I said I'd think about for 36 hours."

So later that night I'm at the Liberali Club with some associates. Good vino and I maybe talk a little too much. I no see filthy papparazzi from Guardian hanging out at the bar. Big mistake for me, big mistake for them, I take of care of that business another time I think.

Don Campbell though he no Hollywood Don, he like to stay out of the limelight, so he not pleased to see his secret meeting all over morning papers. Capo Davey he have grim expression on face like man who want to do business with Don Brown right there and then.

I off hook though, my paisan been talking to all kind of papparazzi all day and leak could have come from anyone. Don Campbell though, he have no choice now, no deals.

The ancient enmity between the Liberali and Labouristi family is back on and old Don Ashdown he find a nice copy of Wittgenstein and a feather in his bed this morning. He knows to which family he owes his loyalty.

We no take the insult lying down either, we going to make some trouble for Labouristi family in little Ealing where the rackets look ripe for take-over. Capo Khabra he sleeps with the fishes tonight. You don't cross Don Campbell.

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