Monday, 25 June 2007

Iraq, forget about it

I see the new Labouristi Underboss 'Hatchet' Harman is in trouble with the men of honour already. Apparently she make comments to the effect that the whole 'Persian Oil' thing was all a bit regrettable which do not please Don Blair. He have to remind her he still a few days from retirement by signing up her bambinos to the Family business in Basra.

So suddenly she remember it great idea after all. "What I actually said was the Bushi Family are people who deserve our respect. Obviously it not great we couldn't find the Hussein Family stockpile, but hey we got the oil subsidy, what's the beef?".

And the she go on "And when I said those Hollywood Dons and their smooth-talking ways were bringing unwelcome publicity to the Families, what I of course meant was Mr Director, I'm a'ready for my close-up."

Don Blair is most pleased with his protégé.

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