Sunday, 24 June 2007

Is the Don a Catholic?

So I see Don Blair of the Labouristi is being retired. We know this coming for a long time, but we superstitious people, "If the corpse is twitching, it's still alive" as my old Caporegime Signor Cyril Smith used to say to me.

Don Blair has been a talented operator for the Labouristi, although he never cause us much trouble. The Conservatori family who used to control the united territories were largely wiped out by him in the infamous St. Mandelson Day Massacre in 1997.

It not go so well for him since then though. His alliance with the Bushi Family and protecting their investments in Persian Oil have upset a lot of the old moustache petes. Paying for it by putting the squeeze on the cugines and allievi with the whole 'tuition fees' racket, has not been so fine with the young turks.

So we not so surprised that now is looking to God for protection from the wrath of new Don Brown.

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