Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Rattling the Enemy

So after I see Signor Gove for vino yesterday, I wander to our legitimate printing business on Cowley Street to see how Don Campbell and the boys are enjoying the Conservatori's new trouble.

From distance though I hear strange noise like slow machine-gun fire. It o.k. though. When I sneak around back I see Signors Davey and Rennard with the crew out doing something odd with little sticks and metal poles, while Don Campbell look on with approval.

"Ah Liberali" he say, when he see my puzzled expression. "When you've quite finished lubricating your interesting friendships with Don Cameron's wardrobe advisors, perhaps you could deign to join us in training for our new strategy for keeping him and Don Brown out of our businesses?"

"Of course Don Campbell" I say, "er... what exactly is it that we're doing?"

"Well I would have thought that was obvious. The Dons are not patient men like me, they get irritated at the slightest thing. So what we're going to do is send the boys out to run up and down the railings outside their businesses with these sticks until they get so annoyed that they come out and do something foolish. The Untouchables will then move in and shut them down for us... We take over when the noise is off.... I am calling it operation Cage Rattle... It is brilliant no?"

Before I can answer I hear Signora Elspeth yell from building "Meznies, it's time for your afternoon nap, come inside at once and tell the boys to stop making that bloody racket.". The Don raises his arms in victorious resignation and leaves the courtyard.

Signor Davey does not look happy again. "Put the bastards in a cage and shake them up I said to the Consigliore. How did we up with a plan involving little sticks?". He storm off and Signor Rennard has that far-off look in his eyes that suggest the question not require an answer.

I decide it maybe good time for vino again. Little stick make good noise if I line up enough bottles.


Anonymous said...

You swim with the fishes...!!!

Don Liberali said...

Grazia Egregio Signor Anonymous,

tonight I swim with remorse for the quantity of vino I have consumed. Signora Liberali is not amused.

Don Filpott said...

GraziE per favore! Non c'e' grazia! Signora Liberali is probably not amused by the assassination of Italian either.