Monday, 25 June 2007

Don Brown names Underboss

The regime change at the Labouristi family progresses brutally with the appointment of 'Hatchet' Harman as Underboss to Don Brown.

I confess not to understand the ways of our rivals. The Underboss of our own organisation, Vince 'Letter Opener' Cable was appointed by Don Campbell. It is a simple thing and avoids any unnecessary unpleasantness.

In the Labouristi candidates must lean on their Union contacts. The one who promises the most favours and skim for the Don is the winner.

Fortunately for Hatchet her main squeeze is the Don's banker Jack 'What Loans' Dromey. A man of some influence. His teamsters were ultimately more than a match for the main contender Alan 'the Postman' Johnson and his gang of telephonists and newsboys.

It's quite a comeback for Hatchet. Don Blair sent her for a nice long holiday after messing up the payment of favours in the projects in 1998. She later came back to act as liaison to the Labouristi's suitcases, but she was not expected to advance under Don Brown. Letter Opener will no doubt be looking forward to their next encounter.


Barry Stocker said...

I think you'll find Cable was elected by the parliamentary party.

Don Liberali said...

Grazia Senor Stocker, you are of course correct that Senor Cable is a legitimate elected businessman