Monday, 17 September 2007

Liberal Mafia is recruiting

I wake up in skip on construction site near beach this morning. This not uncommon occurrence at Family Gathering, only in this case it seem due to misunderstanding with Committee for Diary Control.

Seem Signor Opik's handling my 'donation' to Hornsey Green intimidation fund go little awry, as photo below show.

Happily I able to direct Committee to Opik hotel room in dodgy downtown Brighton fleshpots so they let me off with mild beating. Signor Opik seem likely due for second handgliding accident.

Anyway with unwelcome attention, and fearsome enforcers like those above lurking in dark viuzzi, I think I need more protection.

So Liberal Mafia is recruiting. If you made man or woman of honour from around United Territories with gift for understanding affairs of Family, and too much time on hands, do write to me with sample of handiwork at

Omertà paesano, omertà

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