Saturday, 15 September 2007

Family Gathering

It all big excitement today. The Liberali Family are gathering in Brighton to discuss Family business for the year ahead.

Don Campbell has selected Green Scams, We Want Some of the Action Now! as the theme for gathering, so he letting the Carbonator explain some of his ideas to the assembled men and women of honour.

Other initatives include plans to take care of the anti-Mossad Union currently disrupting our arms shipments from Israel, more power for local Capitani, skimming the tourist industry, addressing woeful decline in standards of bullying across the United Territories, and confirming idea for 4% off protection payments.

This make biannual gathering very exciting. Nothing old Moustache Petes and cugine like more than sitting in big room talking about things our public clients not realise are important yet.

And if that not thrilling enough, there hundred of little huddles that happen all around the town where paisan can learn new techniques in taking care of business, or listen to visionary ideas of future from lots of interesting friends ofFamily. I particularly keen on sessions on exploiting Catholics with Liberali Catholic Forum, what to do if there is big gang war this October with Signor Rennard, and Don Smith RIP Institute session on avoiding prison with Capo Browne of our Taunton Conservatori Liberali.

Committee for Diary Control are also annoucing result of their special monitoring programme on Sunday. I not nervous though. I have private word with 'Shorty' Tall and I think I understand now how to get on good side of Signora Featherstone. I say no more, but Shorty... the necessary be delivered tomorrow... capiche?

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