Saturday, 29 December 2007

Da Big Talk

Well it sure exciting to be taken out of comfort zone once again. Only couple of weeks into leadership of Don Clegg and he announce new initiative, Da Big Talk, to bury hatchets between the Families.

This totally original idea for Liberali Family. It not like us to demand a big committee meeting to sort out problems. Or have not much in the way of clue what we want out of big chat, other than to be there nattering in first place.

Already I anticipate cugine and solidati will be rising from slumber to cheer brave dawn of this inspirational idea. Don Brown and Hollywood Don Cameron will not know how to respond to the wave of popular cheering that will greet this electrifying call to sit down and have nice cups of tea for several years before actually deciding anything.

Hooray for brave new world of Liberali Family... moving forward not backward... unless that what Big Talk say we should do... after due consideration... in fullness of time... talking to outside world... not each other...

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