Thursday, 20 December 2007

Don's desktop

Signor Graham so pleased by advert for 'hot-gossips' contest, he tag me in diary-game.

I regret humble interweb skills not up to taking picture of whole desktop. Besides little worried old-Don Campbell might recognise leather-embossed olive-wood item that appear suddenly in Liberali family home-office yesterday. Not sure why there list of Capos in drawer either with word Bastardos at the top.

Still able to share picture I use as backdrop on iMac, it snapshot Capo Davey send me from his holiday in New York last year. He most upset, says his sympathetic attempts to dress like locals not go down at all well. He now though looking forward to getting out dressing-up box all over world in new role as Smuggling Shadow.

In spirit of game though I tag Shorty, Nogeek, Hapless, Polecat, and The Knife.

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