Thursday, 20 December 2007

Who is best looking gossip in Family?

In brave new world of change Family now going through the "No men by 2010" sub-committee of the Committee for Diary Control, have great idea.

Today they launch competition to address problem of unfair perception that most Liberali diarists extremely unattractive.

To help the 'No men' team with their work. They like you to nominate in the following categories

  • Hottest Liberali gossip that not Signor 'shorty' Tall or any other man
  • Best bit of gossip by a Liberali that make you all hot and bothered under collar (no men or elephants)
  • Hottest gossip outside Liberali Family, although this might already be won. Again no men, monkeys, or other life-forms.

The winners, who be judged by team of really important former beauty-queens, professional gossips, and Signor Graham, will be blessed by chance to appear in lots of photos with Don Clegg to promote new Family values of inclusion, diversity and exceptional dentistry.

There also going to be 'Family choice' award that be decided by wider Family community, using a swoonometer.

I really excited by this new progressive contest, but Signora Liberali ban me from researching who I nominate.

Spend too much time already on diary and interweb she say. So all humble man of honour can do is encourage you, my fellow Liberali, to make your nominations to this link

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