Thursday, 20 December 2007

Exciting news - even more gossip awards!

Well seem "No men by 2010" really start something with great idea to schism annual Diary Control awards. Now other important sub-committees of Liberali Family internal power-structure want to get in on act with own competitions.

Cowley Printworks is buzzing with rumours we soon to have awards ceremonies for:

Best gossip by an asylum seeker, hosted by "Liberali for less Sicilians"

Queenie bitch of the year award, hosted by "Liberali Gay Mafia"

Best gossip by student with nothing better to do that write diary all day while pretending to study, and whining about debt before blowing loan on cyber-sex in Second Life, hosted by "Liberali Cugine"

Most exciting gossip about saving local Post Office, hosted by "Liberali Association of Local Capitani"

Gossip that make us look like professionals, hosted by "Liberali Wannabe-Capo Association"

Any mention of us whatsoever, hosted by "Liberali Agitants & Thugs"

Liberali Union Thugs, Association of Liberali Pointy-Heads, and Liberali Flat-Landers also thinking about joint award ceremonies for any gossip by their members that understood in outside world.

Biggest problem been for Liberali Tree-huggers who want to hold awards for any gossip distributed without using electricity.

Commenting on exciting new progress Signor "Tango" Alexander, Don Clegg's new Consigliore say

"Naturally the Don is delighted that the first response to his call to reach outside the Family to reconnect with intimidating issues that matter to real people, is for an outbreak of introspective self-congratulation on the part of the Family's valuable quangos. It gives him real inspiration and hope for the struggles ahead."

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