Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Down with the kids

We sitting round in Don Campbell's old office today as Don Clegg moves in. Signor "the Shadow" Grant is clearing weird pictures off the wall and Herend pottery animals into big box. He drop small pheasant on floor.

"Never mind," I say "it only old one, not in great condition, not like you break one of new shiny cats."

"Not for want of effort" I pretty sure I here Signor Davey mutter from other end of office. Signor Grant scowl at us both.

Don Clegg come in accompanied by some bloke I pretty sure I see on Crystal Maze many years ago.

"Gentleman really great you could join me today. Let me introduce you to Brian. Brian say hello to Signors Liberali, Davey and Grant. Brian, boys, is a real rock star."

"That great," I say "Don Campbell was always banging on about Arctic Monkeys, you with them?"

"No, Nick is very kind but I'm more of a producer these days, I used to be Roxy Music."

We look blank.

"Er... Virgina Train... For your pleasure... Brian Ferry..."

"Oh yeah," I interject "Ferry cross the Mersey... that brilliant song"

Brian clearly impressed by my knowledge as he look wide-eyed towards Don Clegg.

"Thank-you Don Liberali, but history is not all that important right now, we are here to look forward not backwards. Brian has come to help advise us on reaching out to the young and disaffected."

We looking blank again.

"The thing is gentlemen, the Liberali are out of touch. We talk to ourselves. We need to reach outside our comfort zones and talk to the next generation, our youth, the dispossessed, to those who don't see any need to engage with the Family. Brian can help us do that."

"You saying he know all about doing business touching dispossessed children comfort zones?" I ask "Belgium Family did something like that a while back. Not end well though. Family really not going to be happy about this Padrino?"

Signor Grant drop whole box of pottery. Everyone starring at me taking in gravity of dangerous situation.

"Er no Signor Liberali this is about a building new kind of Family not child prostitution. This is Brian Eno not Gary Glitter."


"It maybe better if you help Signor Grant with the pottery for the next few minutes before we head off to Rotherhithe. Thank-you for your help."

So I got to meet real live rock star today who going help us reconnect with young people into same music I was. It sure is exciting being taken out of comfort zones.


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