Thursday, 20 December 2007

Don Clegg not a Catholic

So Don Clegg not a Catholic, this no big deal, even for man like me who like to spend more time in confession box than on witness stand. Last Don we have little too close to God for taste of Family, one before had habit of telling us he'd spoken to supreme being directly after visions accompanied by strange headaches the next day, and Don Ashdown thought he was God.

This switch to atheism may be refreshing change. And besides Signora Clegg still bringing up Clegg bambinos in right way, so I still send Clegg family Christmas card with nice pictograph of prodigal son returning to family in end.

We also now have Brian Eno teaching the Don about Cliff Richard so he not embarassed by any paparazzi asking him about his favourite Christmas number ones. This year I backing Bleeding Love for top slot, it certainly has Signor Rennard boogieing around Printworks today.

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