Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Don Clegg Christmas message

Don Clegg ask me to convey Christmas message to Liberali Family:

"Fratelli, it gives me great pleasure on this Winterva... I mean Christmas Day to thank-you for all your hard-work for the Family. It is important on this day, to remember the essential of message of Christmas. A message for which I have great respect, even if I don't necessarily believe it. The message of giving.

A theme then of my leadership of the Family will be social justice. It is simply wrong for the Families to be stealing more from the poor than we do from the rich. While I don't believe in crimes of envy, I have great respect for those that do, and consequently we must redouble our efforts to redress the imbalance. I do not want to hear any more reports from the street of soldati preying on the meek, vulnerable and homeless, although there maybe some exceptions.

Another theme of leadership will be education. Nothing is more important to me than education, except social justice, which is nearly as important as education. I hope that is clear.

It is simply wrong at this stage of the 21st century that thousands of inductees to the Family are living lives filled with ignorance and poverty as a result of decades of Labouristi and Conservatori dogma dictating the way we educate our cugine.

It is important we return control over mentoring of our young to the streets where they belong. Unless that results in unequal outcomes, at which point we will introduce brutal central control at the earliest opportunity. I hope the consistency, distinctiveness and uniqueness of that approach, taking us out of comfort zones, is as inspiring as it is daunting in this new era of Family professionalism.

I would once again like to thank the Family for their loyalty, particularly Signor Huhne whose warm endorsement of my authority and friendship is the greatest gift I could have hoped for this Yuletide. We hope our gift of a single lump of coal to warm the Huhne-Cave this winter will be both welcomed and a sound reminder of our social justice challenge ahead.

Happy Holiday and Seasonal Greetings, one and all

Don Clegg"


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